Sit up straight and network correctly

As we head into 2014 at How Why DIY we’re stretching our backs as we enter another great year but we have a question for ourselves and for you the membership.

So help us with our thinking

Should we revert this site back to a network site?
When we started off in 2010 this was a Buddypress site, which was great for networking, friending and generally setting up groups to work on projects. Groups wise we had Ignite Liverpool, Social Media Cafe, Music Barcamp, Speculative Fiction plus many others. I truly can’t remember them all.  But as time wore on Google and Facebook made it easier for people to register on their social platforms to set up groups and Pages, it seemed odd at the time to have yet another platform where we would recommend people to join up to. There were other factors too like the rise of the Kin2kin site and generally the digital community were getting stronger and didn’t need to network via this site as they had already made new contacts  and were planing new projects themselves. 

Apart from this there was all of the work involved in keeping the networks up to date and  clearing out the spam membership, so we took a decision early last year to quite the Buddypress site and stick to just plain WordPress. And it is quite a plain site to.

But now the question arises with us do we need to start this network again? If we had one what would it do and would you use it?

We’ve been thinking that we should really set one up for the those people that attend Jelly Liverpool on a regular basis but would that help them/us/you/me.

What do you think? Let us know.




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