KABOOM!!!! It’s Jell-ignite this Thursday.

This week is explosive….  We’ve two big events events on this week. Jelly Liverpool – the friendly coworking space and Ignite Liverpool – the slightly geeky talky event. 

Jelly Liverpool is a day long event which gives freelance Digital Creatives the opportunity to get out of the home office and work alongside others working in the same or different fields. We get developers, sys admins, game makers and content creators in fact all sorts.

At Ignite Liverpool we throw the stage over to our group of presenters, just ordinary Joe’s who have something to say on a subject they are passionate about. We give them 5 minutes and a powerpoint presentation (powerpoint is a great leveller) and every 15 seconds their slides move on automatically.

Ignite Liverpool is Live Streamed, so if you can’t make it along then you can watch Ignite online. We are even toying with the idea of creating a Google hangout for Jelly that day, so whatever way you want you can stay in touch with what’s we’re doing right in the heart of Liverpool.

Both events are free and take place upstairs at Leaf Cafe on Bold Street this Thursday 15th August. Jelly Liverpool runs from 9-5pm and Ignite Liverpool runs 6-9pm – That’s 12 hours of digital talk and inspiring ideas.

Neither of these are Networking events but we have been told that they are the best place to meet like minded people – we’ve even been told that new business collaborations have come out of days like these.  So come down and just hang out if you want to.

For more information go to http://jellyliverpool.com and http://igniteliverpool.com

And this is just what we are doing Thursday. We haven’t mentioned all the other workshops we are running throughout the week…… but here is a quick snip-it http://youtu.be/DuBo7Se27X8

Author: Defnetmedia

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