Open Source City….a call out

Late last year the members of How Why DIY wanted to create an event called Open Source City

“Open Source City was originally a weekend micro-festival of open source sound & media practice for the 2008 Liverpool City of Culture Programme organised by SoundNetwork and folly”

We tried and we failed to get it off the ground mainly we felt after examining the remnants of grant application forms that we had got bogged down in minutia and had lost sight of the bigger picture. So this year we are taking a wider view and taking the quote below as our initial starting point.

“Tomorrow’s creative economy will require an even richer fusion than today’s of knowledge and skills from individuals who are comfortable working across the boundaries of established disciplines. At all levels in the education system, from school curriculum design to university–business links, the lamb of the arts and humanities must lie down with the lions of digital technology and computer science.” The Manifesto for A Digital Economy report by Nesta

This year we’re looking to create a series of small events and integrate what we are doing into others programmes of activities, as such a very small starting list of ideas are as follows.

Doodads, an exhibition and workshops that demonstrate open source in practice. 

A Talk programme on Open Source practice. 

A Film Programme looking at culture and technology

A series of documentaries examining the world with a free culture perspective. 

So why you ask are we letting you know all this. Well because we are going to need your help to do it – we need people to help formulate programmes and make connections that we are unable to do.

If you are interested in finding out more then let us know

Author: Defnetmedia

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