Update on our Social Media Surgery

Poster_for_Liverpool_Social_Media_Surgery_on_Thu-28-Mar-2013Back in March we organised a social media surgery for 3rd sector organisations and here is a quick report back from those sessions. Find out who we helped  below.

How Why DIY helped Sam Avery to The Comedy Trust is a fantastic organisation that offers comedy workshops at their venue and in the workplace. Sam Avery from Liverpool’s Comedy Trust came along to discuss their Social media needs and if I can remember without the aid of notes, we discussed their website (Joomla) and how it’s functionality could be put to better use. Simply by adding a news section and posting regularly about their activities, videos, workshops etc., would help them generate leads to the site. We also discussed the use of Mailchimp, and how they should take control of their own mailing lists. Hootsuite and other twitter clients plus how they should be taking advantage of Youtube and the hours of videos they have. I’ve had the fun experience of attending a Comedy Trust workshop with ex-colleagues from Arts Council England so book one today.


Alex Nolan from good symHow Why DIY helped Alex Nolan to Alex Nolan from Good Gym Liverpool came along to this SM Surgery. Now, Alex knows almost as much about SM as I do so it was strange to see him there on the other side of the desk. After a long conversation which really delved deep into what it was that Good Gym was about, we finally started getting to the crux of the matter, the messages they were sending out just weren’t what people wanted to hear. The group do some really cool work for community organisations helping them with manual labour jobs that they couldn’t ordinarily pay for – the trouble is they run there and although many people are really up for helping out community organisations they just weren’t that into the running element of Good Gym. So hopefully he has gone away with different ideas for achieving the same aims and a handy few hints and tips on improving their social media profile.


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You can check on Liverpool Social Media Surgeries on the fantastic resource on the Social Media surgery site.

A big thank you to Open Labs for the use of their training room.

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