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Say goodbye to Buddypress 

Since we started the site back in 2010 we have always used Buddypress but now we have taken the decision to do away with the WordPress plugin as the traffic to the forum does not measure up to the amount of work we have to put in to maintain it and keep the site clean of spammers, in other words we were spending too much time updating it and not enough time developing the community in the real world – which is actually more important.  And to be honest we get more use out of the DOES google group list 

Digital Workshops with young people

We have been running workshops with young people on behalf of MPAC Merseyside Play Action Council and as we head towards summer we shall be running some more. So we are interested in hearing from people who have workshops that they would be interested in delivering.

We’ve been running these for about the past 6 months across Liverpool and we have had workshops on, Open Source gaming, running a Live streamed TV station, Light Graffiti using Wii motes, Wii phonics and music making, Drawbots and Franken Toys. We have had a wide range of ages and the youngest so far has been about Five, and the youngest about Fifteen.
So you may have a workshop already planned or you might have a new project that you would like to get young people involved in either way send us some details and we’ll get back to you.  These workshops are paid although there is a tight budget as always….   Please reply to
You can take a look at the blog for some of the images from the past workshops.

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