New Site New Year

How? Why? DIY! have been busy creating Creative Digital events throughout 2012 and although the website may well have slipped our minds at times it is now back to where it should be with greater functionality and better styling.

Expanded profiles

One thing that members have been asking about it expanding their profiles so they can include more information about their skills and experience so other members can contact them if they would like to collaborate on projects. So we have now added this option in.


We’ve also started to ask members if they are interested in delivering workshops and seminars on their key skill areas. We are being approached by organisations who are looking for experts in their field so if this is you then let us know.

Shop and E-commerce

We’ll shortly be fitting an ecommerce package to the site so you’ll be able to show off your products and sell them through here. We’ll also be selling off our range of repurposed kit from laptops to Macs from Recycle IT a new mini project to encourage more people to reuse no longer needed laptops.

Guest Blogging

If your interested in writing a guest post or even in reposting your favourite post from 2012 to get more response then let us know as we want to invigorate the conversations and collaborations between our members. We want to see more activities taking place in 2013 than we have seen throughout the whole of the 2 years we have been in existence.

So onward and upward in 2013!

Author: Defnetmedia

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