How? Why? DIY! – we are now official

How Why DIY 

How Why DIY

How? Why? DIY! has incorporated as a Community Interest Company to promote the benefits of technology to the residents Liverpool and network creative technologists in the area.


How Why DIY CIC – a bit of a mouthful now with the CIC on the end but as we have been doing a great deal of work and plan to do more it was only fair to incorporate. We have incorporated to or aim to.

  • run events that promote community focus for creative technologists and offer workshops to the wider community.

The Community will benefit from educational, networking and cultural events whose aim is to promote the understanding of and highlight the benefits of technology. We will do this by running  the How Why DIY network and subsequently events that explore issues relating to digital technology and access to new skills.

This will benefit the community by giving them access to a network of like minded technologists to access knowledge sharing, skills development and creative technology skills and equipment. Events will raise awareness of contemporary issues and encourage engagement with digital technologies by providing  pathways for further exploration and learning (both formal and informal).

The establishment of new groups will stimulate the development of progressive ideas – so join up and progress those ideas.

Please consider donating to How? Why? DIY! CIC

Author: Defnetmedia

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