Social Media Cafe – is rising once more

After a year off – Social Media Week in 2011 must have been very arduous – Social media Cafe Liverpool is set to return on 16th February. It’s fun and informing events came just as the majority of people where struggling to come to terms with the change that twitter was making upon the online scene and as the iphone had reached past the early adopter market.

Well it’s back and returning to it’s roots at Static Gallery on Roscoe Street and it wants to hear from you – the evening format is normally a series of presenters talk about a specific topics for 20-30mins from 6-9pm, drinks are normally available form the Bar.

SMC are taking a poll to find out the issues that you think are important to find out about (take that poll here) but as a starter they are hoping to look at a variety of issues and have a panel discussion at the end of the presentations.

You can book for Social Media Cafe Liverpool on their made over website – wordpress of course.

Author: Defnetmedia

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