Rathole Roadshow 2011

You may have seen this already but I’m running a Creative Commons music event in Liverpool at The Zanzibar on Sunday April 24th. It’s called the Rathole Roadshow and it’s a celebration of independent music, Creative Commons and geekiness. You can find out more here – http://ratholeradio.org/gig

There’s also a free EP download with all the bands who’ll be playing, so you can try before you buy.

This event will be run in association with the Music Unconference Neil is doing on April 23rd at Parr St and both events are part of the Working Class Music & Life Festival 2011.

Tickets are £5 from the website or you can always email me via show@ratholeradio.org if you don’t like Google Checkout.

It’ll be the best thing happening in Liverpool that night I promise, musically anyway. Check out the EP if you don’t believe me. Plus Monday is a Bank Holiday so we can all sleep in ;)?


Author: Dan Lynch

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