How Why DIY Day – Workshops announced

How Why DIY – Can now bring you these workshops

Blogging – a how to guide
Come and learn how to Blog from one of the regions’ top cultural bloggers.
1-2 hour workshop

Working with WordPress
Your free out of the box website – save yourself the heartache of creating a traditional website and produce one in minutes for little or no cost.
1-2 hour workshop

Use open source software to record audio to add to your website and give it added dimension. Plus a look at Feeds, Audioboo, Soundcloud, and Libsyn
1-2 hour workshop

Live Streaming with video
Live Streaming Video is easy and you don’t need a degree in media to do it. We will talk through upload speeds, the best free services, cameras and other equipment. We will be looking at services such as  Qik, Ustream, Livestream
1-2 hour workshop

Social Media
Get yourself connected – exposing the myths of Facebook and Twitter, plus a look at how you can interconnect your web presence.
1-2 hour workshop

Create your own Fanzine with Paul Tarpey, DEFCON Fanzine
Create in one day what your friends will be reading all week. How to create a fun and satirical zine – bring your creativity with you.  Write, photograph and layout.
NB: This will be an all day activity

Write and record a radio play in a day
Ever wanted to write a  radio play –  Learn how to construct your short piece and record it there and then.
NB: This will be an all day activity

More details will be forthcoming and you’ll be able to book for each very soon.


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