How Why DIY Day – Family Fun

Family Fun Day – come and explore


For old and young alike – come and create a Drawbot from felt tips, a paper cup, a battery, motor and wires, then set your drawbot free to create a masterpiece.

Nintendo DS Orchestra

Bring yours, your kid’s and their Nintendo DS’ and learn how to make music with free software (not released yet but coming soon) made by Pixelh8 At the end of the day everyone is invited to an open jam session with their compositions!

This open workshop is an introduction to the wonderful world of Homebrew on the Nintendo DS; free and open source software development for the DS which is a deceptively powerful piece of kit.

Learn how to install moonshell using the DSTTi and turn your DS into a media player with support for mp3, ogg and .dpg video; who needs an iPod touch when the DS has dual screen action, a massive developer community and the DSi has 2 video cameras!!


Learn how to make music with drawing! The amazing Drawdio project started by Jay SIlver and Eric Rosenbaum (please correct me if im wrong on its origins & development) and now taken up by other designers and available from Ladyada in kit form is the perfect introduction to basic circuit design and building and its incredibly fun to use for all ages.

Retro Gaming and Wii phonics –

Do stuff for free with the Nintendo WiiRemote, some circuit bending or other forms of hardware hacking that young and old can do…

No Need to Book – just drop by


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